WordPress SEO: How to Setup and Optimize Your Blog if you are a Beginner?

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Are you planning to set-up your own blogging platform or a website for your business? The most crucial thing you must know is to start optimizing it from Day 1. It is sad that often it is difficult for the beginners to start doing WordPress SEO by following the provided guidelines. Most of the SEO agencies in Mumbai can help you popularize your weblog and redirect potential customers to your website. But if you still want to learn, here’s how you can optimize your blog:

Know the two major SEO areas

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

Digital agencies in Mumbai can help you to maximize the search engine rankings of your website. But you must be careful at every step, from selecting the right domain name to optimizing the images used.

Take help of SEO companies to choose domain name

If you are stressed about choosing domain name containing keywords and whether it is a .com or not, relax! According to the best internet marketing companies in Mumbai, almost any name or any domain can produce the desired result if you can do it right. In fact, Digitally Viral suggests that when setting up your website, pick a name that is easy to recognize and remember. Complicated names will reduce the intrinsic value of the domain.

Is web hosting important?

Definitely, for WordPress SEO choosing the right web host matters. This is because two of the most important factors for high ranks are loading time of the site and site speed. Both these factors are affected greatly by the web host you are choosing.  These are also important user experience elements, which you mustn’t ignore.

Having an SSL Certificate is crucial

It is an important Google ranking factor and having an SSL Certificate on the website or blog is also important for your security. According to Digitally Viral safety and security on the site are crucial to an enhanced user experience. There are many hosting companies that offer free SSL options.

Using SEO-friendly titles

The contents of your website or weblog are important for SEO. SEO companies in Mumbai consider a website that is human readable as well as search engine compliant the best for search engine optimization of the site. Use relevant titles and create content that adds value to the website. You should also make sure that the title of the website summarizes what is exactly described down below. Use simple and easy to understand titles for your website.

Set the permalinks right

Once the WordPress is installed, you must set your Permalink settings. This will also help in setting the SEO-friendly URL structure on your blog. Go to “Settings>Permalink section of your blog and make the necessary changes. You can ask an SEO expert regarding this.

Optimizing the images

In the beginning of your setting-up a WordPress blog, you must optimize the images you use for the website. Images generally take more time to load than texts. So, you need to be careful regarding the image sizes and quality. If you avoid checking these things, it can slow down your website.

So, you’ve learned a few of the proper ways you can set up and optimize your WordPress blog. If you still are not confident, approach a digital marketing company for optimizing your site. But never ignore its importance.

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