How Are The Top 10 SEO Companies In India Tracking SEO And SEM?

If you are planning to invest in digital marketing for your business, you must’ve well understood its importance. One of the main aims of digital marketing is to achieve high ranks on search engines. But it is equally important to track the results of your online activities. Tracking is proof whether your website optimization is going in the right direction or not. Having a traffic focused digital marketing strategy is vital, but without a decent tracking set-up in place, it’s difficult to gauge what’s going wrong and what’s working in favor of the business website. Tracking tools will tell exactly how many leads are getting generated and from where. In your search for affordable SEO services India, you will come across a list of top digital marketing companies in mumbai that are extensively using effective SEO and SEM tracking tools. How are they tracking? Read on…

Tracking using Google Analytics

This is an omnipresent, robust, and of course, a free tool that the top 10 SEO companies in Mumbai are known to using for web tracking set-ups. Setting up Analytics is super easy! If you have a Google account, add that and the website URL. Then, the tracking code needs to be installed in the website’s template. That’s it!

Experts from a reputed SEO agency will manage and track your analytics account on your behalf. They will add goals or business objectives that your website will achieve, which will then be termed as goal conversions. Some of the commonest goal conversions that a business website achieves are – submission of contact forms, phone calls, appointment bookings, purchases, chats, and text messages. Experienced SEO professionals will not just create goals, but will also help towards goal conversions. Digitally Viral recommends the use of Google Analytics for tracking different goal conversion elements in a website.

Google Search Console

SEO companies are using Search Console, which was formerly called Webmaster Tools mainly for diagnosing penalties and any issues with the website if, ever any pop-up. With this tracking tool, the experts track the XML sitemaps, crawl reports, and robots.txt verification. An experienced SEO expert in Mumbai will always ask to connect Google Search Console with the Google Adwords and Analytics for getting comprehensive search results.

Google Adwords

Digitally Viral recommends the use of Google Adwords for properly tracking of your website metrics. Without this tracking tool, the experts will have no clue where the money you spend in getting clicks from prospective clients went. In short, Adwords will help the SEO experts in making informed optimizations for your digital marketing campaigns.

Google Tag Manager

Often, most of the SEO experts are juggling with too many code snippets for clients’ websites – Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook Pixels, and others. To ease the management of so many tracking tools, there is Google Tag Manager. With it, the digital marketing professionals can manage all these from one spot.

Google My Business

GMB tracking provides some important and meaningful data like clicks and impressions for the listings you made for your websites. It provides information like the number of calls listings generated and the number of people clicked on phone numbers provided on the website (but not on how many actual calls made).

These are just a few of the tracking tools that the digital marketing experts use. There are many more tools available. Ask an expert for providing suggestions on the list of tracking tools appropriate for online marketing of your business website.


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