SEO Trends You Cannot Afford to Overlook in 2018

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It won’t be incorrect to say that until the time search engines exist, the importance of SEO will co-exist simultaneously. SEO agencies in Mumbai are constantly finding out ways to optimize SEO processes so that they can rank their client’s brand at the highest order. Google is known to keep changing its algorithm frequently which causes a lot of problem for all the SEO experts and digital marketers out there. In such a scenario, if you don’t keep up with the latest SEO trends, then you might find it very difficult to acquire a good search engine ranking and your business might considerably lose visibility.

New Year not only led digital marketers to celebrate the beginning of another year but also compelled them to think hard about the SEO trends that need to be included in their strategy. Digital marketing agencies in Mumbai are all set to put their new SEO plan into the process. If you want to bag a high search engine rank then make sure you don’t overlook these SEO trends.

Voice search is going to the market by storm

The significance of voice search cannot be overlooked in the year 2017 and the same is expected to happen in the year 2018. With a large section of the market using voice search option to find their desired result, it has become really crucial that you optimize your content accordingly. You have to remember that while using voice search option, people use simple and conversational words, so try to optimize your website content in a way that search engine always rank you higher than your competitors and you become more visible to the target audience. More than 50% of searches are now being conducted through voice search option, so you can understand its influence on your entire ranking.

Focus more on structured data

Structured data makes your website become searchable. Though Google doesn’t include structured data on its list of ranking factors but you should still not overlook it because structured data has the capacity of boosting your click-through rate (CTR) by approximately 30%. By focusing more on structured data, you will be able to tell search engines how to exactly interpret content and display it on the relevant search engine result pages. While searching for a “How to make” or any other DIY idea, you must have often come across rich snippets. They have the capacity to make your search appearance stand out in the crowd. With the increasing competition, you cannot expect to attract organic traffic just by appearing on the first page of the search engine results. You will have to structure your data in a way that it manages to catch the user’s attention, ultimately leading him to visit your website.

Google is going to monitor your page speed in 2018 as well

Google always focuses on providing all its users with a seamless searching experience. Even if you have designed a strong SEO strategy but if your website takes too long to open, making users wait for more than 3 seconds than your search engine ranking would be considerably affected. You can always take the help of page speed software’s that will tell you how long your website takes to open. Increase in page load speed can actually increase your bounce rates, which is not a good sign. Google usually gives such websites a lower ranking and it becomes very difficult to restore the original or a decent rank. If you are not sure how you can do that, then take help of internet marketing companies in Mumbai. Their professional services will surely help you.

Make your website more mobile-friendly

It would be an understatement to say that users mostly search for anything using mobile. Mobile has become an inseparable part of everyone’s daily life and they use their mobile devices more than desktops or laptops to search anything on the internet. No matter how good your website is but if it is not mobile friendly, it is surely not going to generate the desired ROI for your business. Google will now be considering the mobile version of your website as the final website and not the desktop one, so make sure that the mobile version of your website is equally user-friendly and appealing. By focusing more on it you will surely be able to lure more prospective customers.

Content marketing is always going to dominate the market

You cannot deny the fact that content is the primary thing that has the capacity to hold your visitor’s attention for long. If your website is full of inferior content then even if you get a lot of organic traffic still will get a higher bounce rate, which is not considered good. Quality content will not only attract new customers but will also retain the existing ones. Make sure you manage to amplify your message using the precise content. If you are unable to deliver flawless content, then approach top SEO Companies in Mumbai as they also offer content marketing services apart from SEO services.

These trends are not only going to gain popularity in the year 2018 but are also going to gain prominence in years to come.

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