SEO Tools for Small Businesses That Can Help to Improve Ranking in 2018

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It is a real challenge for small businesses to make their brand stand out in the crowd amongst so many other businesses. Much time is devoted to design a strategic SEO action plan but it will be of no use if the right tools are not used to implement and monitor the performance. If you are not a pro in the SEO field, then it is better that you approach top SEO Companies in Mumbai so that they can give you the right guidance and extend their professional SEO services to your benefit. The digital landscape is constantly changing but the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one thing that will always remain important for improving search engine ranking.

The top digital marketing agencies in Mumbai use several SEO tools to monitor, update, and design new SEO strategies.

Most commonly used SEO tools for improving the ranks of small businesses are discussed here.


This is undoubtedly the most used search engine present on the internet. Google is known to change its algorithm multiple times a year which makes it really important to incorporate the changes in your strategy; else your existing search engine ranking might fall considerably. The best part is Google also provides some of the best tools that you can use to monitor and analyze the collected data about your website and its performance.

  1. Google Trends –

    This tool can help you design effective content marketing strategies as it acquaints you with what users are searching on a real-time basis and also allows you to compare keywords. Google trends can also be used to compare your business with your competitors and see what they are sharing with the users. You can actually figure out what is trending at the time and what users are most interested to read. Accordingly, you will be able to design your strategies.

  2. Google Search Console –

    The main aim of SEO is to increase the search engine ranking of your website and eventually leading to an increased visibility. This tool performs the exact same function. It will help your website become discoverable by your target prospects. With this tool, Google will run a scan throughout your sitemap and address errors, if any. You can also make out the most searched products/services available on your website.

  3. Google Analytics –

    If you know the current status of your website, then only will you be in a position to formulate new strategies or make changes to the existing one. Google Analytics will help you figure out and analyze your website data such as total number of page views, source of traffic, and much more

These tools will be the best addition to your SEO toolkit and you will be able to design more effective strategies with the help of these tools.


This is one of the best SEO tools that can considerably improve your search engine ranking. It not only allows you to do your own SEO but also provides you with suggestions to improve and fix your website’s SEO. The best part of RankSense is that it saves a lot of time and manual efforts by optimizing thousands of web pages on a single day. It can also track improvements based on the changes made throughout your website. You can apply for their free site scan to know whether it is the right tool for you or not.


If you wanted to monitor and track the status of all your SEO, links, social campaigns, content, and brand visibility all in one single platform, then this comprehensive SEO management tool is just perfect for you. It will not only provide you with valuable resources related to SEO but will also keep you informed of the latest trends within the industry alongside helping you with improving your existing SEO strategies. If you want to create personalized content with the right keywords, then this tool will help you find the right keywords along with target keyword suggestions. MozPro will actually help you in finding your current ranking and also point out existing errors or mistakes on your website, so that rectify it accordingly.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider:

This tool optimizes your website in the true sense by running a quick audit through your entire website. Screaming Frog SEO Spider will point out broken links; duplicate content, blocked URLs, server errors, and much more through its audit process. This website crawler will also tell you whether the available content possesses all the necessary elements like meta-descriptions, page titles, and much more or not. You can also integrate this tool with Google Analytics which will allow you to build your website data into your analytics profile. If you are unable to use this tool properly or are unable to seamlessly integrate it with Google Analytics, then approach the best SEO Company in Mumbai for professional assistance.

Depending on your business requirements, you can choose the best SEO tools for your business for optimizing your results. You can also join hands with the top internet marketing company in Mumbai for deriving the best results from these SEO tools for small businesses.

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