Link Development – A Search Engine Marketing Agency’s Important Tool!

In the wake of building internet marketing strategies, you must remember that without proper link development, search engine visibility is short-lived. A search engine marketing agency can help in building as well as maintaining link-development campaigns. Link development is necessary as the engines will analyze the links to discover how each of the websites on the internet link to each other. The search engine bots use complex algorithms to perform link evaluations based on the information available on each link they crawl. A digital marketing agency Mumbai thus helps the clients in building quality link bridges to their websites.

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How are links analyzed?

Based on the popularity and number of pages linked to a particular website, the importance of that website is gauged. Thus, trustworthy sites link to other reputed and popular sites, but spammy sites seldom have links to trusted sites. Digitally Viral focuses primarily on analysis of links and on their algorithmic use. Such a digital marketing agency understands that improving the link profile is important for gaining attraction, traffic, and attention from popular search engines. Link building is thus, considered one of the top practices for traffic building and improving search engine ranks.

Signals used to assess the value of links

You must be wondering on the ways search engines assign values to the links. There are certain signals as noted by experienced SEO professionals that help the engines to measure link value:

  • Popularity of a site:  It is one of the most popular signals for determining the value of a link. The more popular a site is, the more its link on your site matters. To earn the trust and reliability of the engines, professional SEO services will ask for trustworthy and popular links from other link partners.
  • Relevant popularity:  Digitally Viral emphasizes that links from websites that are within a specific community or on related topics are more important. So, instead of getting links from off-topics or general websites, it is important to look for links from relevant sources.
  • Right anchor text:  Anchor text is one of the strongest signals for the search engines. If the engines find that there are multiple links with relevant keywords that direct to a website, it has a good chance of ranking high. Thus, it is important to research on the right set of keywords for doing link development for a business website.
  • Link neighbourhood:  Ask any reputed internet marketing agency in Mumbai and it will tell you that a site that links to a spam site is considered a spam itself. Thus, the site will probably have backlinks to many spam sites, which in turn reduces the credibility. Engines will evaluate the link neighborhood of a site and determine the value of a site accordingly. Thus, link building for a site should be done very carefully and selectively.
  • Get fresh links:  Link building is a perpetual process. This is mainly because the sites that were once popular could cease to be so after a certain time. Thus, it is important for a website to continue to earn new and fresh links perpetually. The engines will be able to gauge the current popularity and freshness of the links and will evaluate your site accordingly.

Link building is one of the toughest strategies in digital marketing. It requires a lot of creativity, diligence, and experience. No two companies can succeed with the same link building campaign. So, it’s better to leave it to the experts!

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