Important 2018 Trends That a Digital Marketing Agency Must Follow

It is almost towards the middle of the year 2018, and if you still haven’t opted for digital marketing for your brand or business, you are way behind your competitors for sure! But it’s a good thing that you have thought of hiring a digital marketing agency in Mumbai that can now help you to speed up your internet marketing endeavors. So far, a lot about digital marketing has changed. According to experts and statistics drawn from the activities of big names like Facebook and Google, this is the year that is going to be led by an excessive emphasis on personalization. For sure, the trends of digital marketing in 2018 are going to be interesting!  Here are the top picks:

What does each social media platform says?

By digging into the statistics of the previous year, it could be said that instead of using Twitter for marketing, a SEO agency in Mumbai should concentrate more on other social media platforms, especially LinkedIn. Recently, Twitter has failed to revamp its used base even after expanding its character count for content. It did not make much effort in the ads platform and focused on user acquisition whereas, LinkedIn has made significant changes to its platform recently. This has opened new opportunities for brands to reach out to potential customers. Instagram is also doing great as compared to other social media platforms and will prove to be greatly useful in social media marketing for a brand/company.

Stop planning for influencer marketing!

Influencers are people who bring brand awareness and a customer may engage with a hundred to get involved with the brand. They are also the people who take customers’ conversations with the brand and make people buy the products of the company by influencing them. Once brands have started to experiment with digital marketing, a reputed online marketing agency in Mumbai like Digitally Viral will never suggest keeping a separate budget to engage with the influencers of the company. A brand would choose to engage with just a few specific influencers rather than engaging with hundreds of generic influencers.

Mobile campaigns are on the rise

According to a report by Google, around 60% of all searches on the Internet happen through mobile devices. Thus brains behind internet marketing including writers, designers and developers think mobile first and then comes desktop. You too should not ignore the importance of mobile based marketing for your brand.

Videos are going viral

Ask a Chicago SEO company and it will tell you that videos are indispensable from your company’s internet marketing campaign. According to a recent social media video statistics, Facebook users consume more than 8 billion videos every day as compared to YouTubers watching more than a billion hours of video each day. That is self-explanatory why you should spend money in making videos as promotional materials. There are huge varieties of formats for videos available today and you can choose multiple formats – 360 degree, live streams etc. for your company’s promotional campaigns.

So, now that you know the trends of digital marketing that are hot this year, hire a reputed and reliable SEO agency like Digitally Viral to take care of your digital marketing needs. You can in fact share this post with others so that others might as well learn about the trends and can modify their internet marketing strategies accordingly.

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