Digital Marketing Trends To Add To Your Strategy In 2018

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It is that time of the year when you are not only required to change the calendar but you are also required to change your last year’s marketing strategy. Many SEO agencies in Mumbai believe that it is not a wise decision to stick with old marketing strategies every year. Change is the only constant and this ideology applies in the digital landscape also. Just like seasons, even digital marketing trends change and if you miss out on any important update, then it might cost you big times. If you are not much acquainted with the changing digital marketing landscape, then you can take professional digital marketing services in Mumbai from Digitally Viral, a renowned digital marketing company in Mumbai.

Digitally Viral has a talented pool of digital marketing wizards who always stay informed of the existing and prevailing trends and hence always remain in a better position to frame the perfect digital marketing strategy. Here are some of the most important digital marketing trends that you cannot afford to skip to include in your 2018 digital marketing strategy.

Micro-moments will continue to gain momentum in 2018

If you are not familiar with the term “micro-moments”, then it is that event when an individual reflexively takes out his mobile phone for searching something. It might be anything starting from finding the nearest grocery store to the best available laptop in the market. If you manage to address these micro-moments and manage to provide them the relevant answer to their question or search, then you are surely going to add a loyal customer to your customer database. This is the best means to fuel engagement with your existing and prospective customers. According to a survey, over millions of searches take place on mobile phones on a regular basis. Imagine if you manage to address even a small percentage of micro-moments on a daily basis and provide a prompt relevant search result to them, then how many loyal prospective customers will you be attracting daily? If you really want to make the most out of your digital marketing strategies, then you need to incorporate micro-moments as a crucial part of your 2018 marketing strategy.

Personalized content will play an important role in attracting customers

Content is one thing that is never going to be out of fashion. Whether you look at successful digital marketing strategies 10 years before or 10 years ahead, quality and personalized content are always going to be an integral part that has the capacity of shaping any effective digital marketing strategy. Visitors are continuously looking for content that manages to amplify the message precisely and clearly. It is seen that a considerate percentage of visitors would prefer going through your website content in order to get an idea about your offerings. Poor quality content always fails to deliver your message to the visitors and as result, you lose quality leads. If you want to optimize your digital marketing strategy then don’t forget to include personalized and quality content as an integral part of your strategy. It actually has the capacity to increase the number of quality leads by ten folds.

Live video would continue grabbing the attention of masses

You must have seen one live video on any one social media platform, be it, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This trend is continuously on a rise and the number of views that each live video receives is enough to compel you to include it in your upcoming digital marketing strategy. Live video allows brands to directly interact with their existing and prospective customers so that they can engage in interesting conversations about their products/services and also accept feedbacks from customers through live videos. This not only builds engagement but also enhances your brand value. Most of the top brand’s used live video to interact with masses in the year 2017. Digitally Viral being the best SEO Company in Mumbai can help you out with various digital marketing trends, including the live video to help you generate your desired ROI from online campaigns.

Behavioral marketing and Artificial Intelligence will be more powerful than before

Technology is going to stay in the forefront in the New Year. It is expected that software’s will be made available that will not only help with fetching customer’s data, their browsing history, and patterns but will also help in interpreting the data which will eventually tell us whether the applied strategy is working or not. This year, machines will be your ultimate partner while designing strategic marketing plans. Moreover, the live chat tools like intercom will continue improving customer experience by providing them prompt responses to their queries. These chat tools work on Artificial Intelligence and are all set to make it big in the market.

Influencer’s Marketing will continue to grab a major online marketing share

In the year 2017, many brands were benefitted by following influencer’s marketing tactics. The main catch is to find the perfect influencer having a maximum number of followers. But make sure your target audience is also a part of that influencer’s followers list. It is a proven fact that word-of-mouth from a trusted person is sure to inflict more impact than an ordinary social post or some other digital marketing gimmick. There were brands whose organic traffic skyrocketed after using this strategy. You can be the next one on the list. You can approach Digitally Viral for taking professional online marketing services in Mumbai and see an increased organic traffic followed by high conversion rates and sales.

Every business is different and requires a different strategy to fulfill its goals. But the above-listed trends should not be missed at any cost, as they are sure to give your digital campaigns the required boost.

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