Commonest Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Content Marketing Endeavors

These days almost all the companies are making substantial investments into their content marketing efforts. Content, in multiple ways, helps in making a digital marketing strategy successful. Without valuable content, social media marketing is not successful. Emails you send will not be read if the content is boring and unappealing. Also, if the message is flat, no one will click on the display ads of your company. Thus, needless to say, whether you are planning to generate traffic from organic search or through PPC, you need to focus much on content marketing. And yet, people make mistakes which ruin their online marketing endeavors. One of the top online marketing services in Mumbai Digitally Viral quotes, “There are a few simple mistakes in SEO strategies that companies routinely make. Such mistakes take a heavy toll on the success that successful content marketing is capable of achieving.” The company further enlists a few commonest mistakes that need to be avoided in order to get success with content marketing:

Keyword stuffing

Earlier, cramming an article or a write-up with as many repetitions of a particular set of keywords as possible was taken as a shortcut to get SEO success. Today, keyword stuffing is a sin and is considered a black hat technique to get high ranks. So, the top digital marketing companies in Mumbai are not doing it any longer.

Not optimizing for mobile

With a majority of people browsing the Internet using their mobile phones, mobile optimization has become very important these days. The content you publish should be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional on the mobile platform. You need to consider the fonts, scrolling animations, use of large buttons, and content breaks while designing content for your company’s internet marketing. An SEO agency in Pune will always insist on shorter headlines, which can be conveniently visible even on a small screen of smartphones.

Slow loading time

Slow loading time for contents is one of the biggest killers of user experience. Today, no one would wait longer for your content to load. If your pages are loading slowly, you could experience higher bounce rates and low conversion rates. You must remember that the loading speed of your website pages is a Google ranking factor. So, you need to pay special attention to it in order to achieve high ranks.

Content not unique

Duplicate content is a major limiting issue to your content marketing efforts. Earlier there was a trend of using “spun” content, which was a major turn-off for content marketing results. Moreover, plagiarized contents from other sources are also not acceptable. No top SEO company in Mumbai will let such content devaluation to occur because the experts know that it could lead to huge penalties levied on your website. That is the reason Digitally Viral always suggests consistent creation of original and engaging content for your official website. It is very important in today’s scenario to develop contents that illuminate new concepts and provide value that is not found anywhere else on the web.

These are just a few of the commonest mistakes that are affecting your content marketing efforts. Contact a reputed digital marketing agency like Digitally Viral to know what other mistakes are. Share this post and let others know about the mistakes discussed here so that they too can avoid the same.

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