A List of World’s Best Tools Used by SEO Agencies in Mumbai

Seo companies in Mumbai

Digital marketing is essential for every business that is on the web. Having good ranks on search engines has its own perks. Your business will be able to attract a lot of customers and will also be able to improve sales and services to customers. To help you achieve good ranks in search engines and to get more exposure for your business, an SEO expert Mumbai will use a list of tools. These are the tools, which can help in link building, keyword researching, rank tracking, and suchlike other activities. Tools for search engine optimization and internet marketing are free, paid, or freemium. No tools available on the internet act in exactly the same way. Thus, you need to analyze and check and find out the ones you require. Here is a list of world’s best tools the best SEO company in Mumbai uses:

Google PageSpeed Insights

This is a tool that lets the webmaster check the usability and speed of the website on multiple devices. As these days there is a trend of creating multi-platform websites, PageSpeed Insights is a very useful tool for the website owners. You just need to enter the URL of the website to know the loading time and performance of the site in devices like smartphones and desktops. The tool will also help you identify opportunities to improve the performance as well as the speed.


For those who do broken link building this is a very important tool. This is a Chrome extension that can crawl the website and check for any broken links. It is a free tool that almost anyone can use.

Moz Local Listing Score

Moz analyses data from a list of online sources including Facebook and Google. This is a tool that provides results along with a list of actionable fixes. With those fixes you can mend all the inconsistent and incomplete listings.

Google Analytics

If you are doing digital marketing, you must have come across the name “Google Analytics”. It is a tool that the best internet marketing companies in Mumbai like Digitally Viral use to track results of marketing done on the Internet. The tool also provides insights into keywords and provides information on terms that people use to land on your website.

Google and Bing Webmaster tools

Well, these are two different tools by two different search engines. However, both work similarly and yet are different from each other. The Google webmaster tool provides insight into what Google thinks about your website. It is particularly helpful in seeing bugs, indexing issues, and alerts. Similarly, the Bing webmaster tool will help you to check what Bing thinks about your website.

Google Trends

This is a tool that a SEO company like Digitally Viral uses to check for the changes in the search volumes for key terms. The tool will help you check the rise of potential search terms and SEO opportunities that your website has with the present content. Thus, you can improve your keywords as well as the content for your website.


You must know that having duplicate content on your website is a serious issue. You should avoid that at all cost. A tool like Copyscape will help you avoid that. You can enter the URL of your website or blog and check for duplicate content. It will save you from penalties and problems.

There are various other tools that are used by the companies for online marketing Mumbai. You need to ask an SEO expert for the most appropriate tools for your website. It will help you to do digital marketing for your business the best possible way.

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