All that you need to know about voice search optimization for your website in 2018-2019

Every seo company in Mumbai is on the lookout for new and improved ways to optimize their websites. While we focus more on optimizing websites for desktops, we also need to remember to optimize it for mobile devices. Voice search optimization is not easy, but it is helpful.

In this article, we will take a look at how and why voice search optimization helps websites. Needless to say, these little points will help your digital marketing company in Mumbai to grow.

Voice optimization to suit virtual assistants

Most major technology providers have virtual assistants. For Google, it is Google Assistant, for Apple, it is Siri, and for Amazon, it’s Alexa. Every aspect of your life, be it an appliance or your car, can be voice controlled.

For SEO, you will have to keep in mind the things virtual assistants can do to boost the SEO of your website. This can include things like choosing websites and the like.

The quicker your page loads, the better ranking you have

When you ask Google Assistant a question, you don’t have to wait for the device to deliver an answer- your inquiry is answered immediately. Therefore, it is clear that Google’s voice search algorithm uses page loading speed as a ranking factor.

Voice search results are short

The average voice search answer is only 29 words. Google’s voice Search rater guidelines want the voice search results to be short. So if you want to optimize your seo packages for voice search, you should keep them short.

Voice search and domain rating

The average domain rating of voice search results was found to be 76.8. As any top seo company in India would be aware, this is a pretty high rating. Seo services in the USA use voice search to improve their domain ratings.

Longer the content, the better

If your website has predominantly long content, then it will be ranked better by Google. This will improve its chances of being a voice search result. The structure of your content also helps to improve the voice search SEO of the website.

Content that is easier to read will be ranked higher on the voice search optimization

If the content on your website is written and structured in a simple manner, it will be easier for the search engine to use the elocution factor. The main voice search result is actually written at a 9th-grade reading level. So, the simpler the language, the better it is for voice search SEO.

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