5 Ways an Online Marketing Agency Redirects Traffic from Tumblr

Social media marketing has become an integral part of digital marketing. Most entrepreneurs opting for digital marketing for their businesses are digging into the potential of these sites too. There are many social networking sites today, but not all are equally efficient in increasing the SEO rankings of websites. There are a few that are not so popular for social networking, but definitely are favorites with SEO experts from any top SEO company in Mumbai!

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One of those sites is Tumblr. If you want your social networking efforts to bear fruit, you must be active on Tumblr. It’s a popular blogging site with lots of quality contents exchanged between users. Here is a list of ways any Top digital marketing agency India will be able to use Tumblr to redirect traffic to your website:

  • Tumblr is one of those social networking sites that allow all kinds of contents. Use text, photos, videos, audio files, and links as best as you can to popularize your business here. You can even post contents that are directly related to your business. Digitally Viral however, prefers to use marketing messages in fun stuffs, which will have an appeal to the mass audience on the site.
  • Memes are especially popular on Tumblr. You can easily create meme or take some time to find memes that are fun and yet related to your business. With a bit of investment of your time and efforts you can definitely attract attention of the potential customers towards memes. It could be an effective way to start communication or keep communication going perpetually.
  • Tags on Tumblr are the best channels through which the users or potential clients will get to your business. So do tagging, as much as possible, but keep those relevant. Digitally Viral suggests the use of targeted keywords and synonyms for tagging content on Tumblr.
  • An experienced online marketing agency knows that in social media sites, your profile is your business card that attracts potential customers. Take expert help to create a robust profile of your company or business. Remember, this will increase your chance to attract followers, who could turn into clients in future!
  • Social media marketing is no magic wand to bring customers to your website overnight. But if you are active and regular on sites like Tumblr, it pays off! Digitally Viral suggests that instead of posting 20 posts on one day of the month, you should come back regularly and post at least one each day, In addition to that, do other activities too like comment, share, and follow people who could turn to customers in future.
  • Interact with others and communicate on different topics and posts that are posted by others. You can create blogs, reblog whatever is available on the site, and comment on the posts of others. This will give a human face to the business that they can interact with.
  • When it comes to reblogging or reposting, make sure you are not being repetitive or nagging about anything. Do not post filler posts on the site or post junk just for the sake of it. It might create a bad impression about your business in the minds of the users.

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As Tumblr still do not have a huge number of followers as on other sites like Facebook or Twitter, there is less competition. Tumblr may not be the first choice for social media marketing for a reputed SEO services agency, but it is definitely worth the try to see real results!

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