5 Genuine Reasons Why Top Digital Marketing Companies in Mumbai Favour SEO over PPC

Business organisations, both big and small have now realised the importance of social media. Online marketing has now become inevitable for all businesses as a stronger online presence gives you visibility among the bigger chunk of the audience giving way to increased sales and higher ROI. Thus, it has become very vital for your brand to have an impactful presence on the search engines so that you are able to reach to your target audience. PPC or Pay Per Click ads have been one of the conventional online marketing methods that have been widely in use. However, with the advent of Search Engine Optimization, PPC has taken a backseat. Top digital marketing companies in Mumbai such as Digitally Viral are opting for SEO techniques to enhance their online reach to the masses. In this article, we will highlight on the 5 genuine reasons why SEO has become a driving force and a much better option than PPC. Read ahead to find out!

SEO provides you better Return on Investment in the long run

Online marketing experts are pf the view that if you manage to get proper Search Engine Optimization techniques and are able to obtain a ranking on the first page then you are likely to have a consistent income with more longevity in the search engines. With respect to PPC, those ads are present till the time you keep bidding on them. PPC is better suited for short term gains but if you want to emerge as the true winner in the long run then SEO is your man. Most importantly, it gives you far better ROI in the long run. This is the reason SEO finds an edge over PPC and maximum number of companies are opting for it nowadays.

SEO is your best bet for building a brand

Nothing can help you build your brand and create an online presence for it like the way SEO does. Digitally Viral is the best online marketing agency in Mumbai offering unmatchable SEO services for its huge base of esteemed clients that includes small, medium and big firms. As organic ranking by SEO can provide greater coverage as compared to PPC, domination on page one is very helpful for popularising your brand and conveying the sentiment behind it to your audience. And all this is possible by SEO as it is able to give you online brand awareness, brand promotion and brand reputation.

SEO is cost effective

SEO in Mumbai has become increasingly popular these days. Yes, it costs you less in many aspects. As you know a PPC ad is visible only on a single search engine, SEO is likely to be seen on a number of search engines like google, yahoo, bing, etc. Also, once you have invested in SEO it keeps working for you. This is not the case for PPC that requires time to time investment, updates, optimization and testing to maintain its performance.

SEO is more likely to be clicked

SEO brings you organic results on the first page of search engines. Marketing gurus are of the view that organic results are more likely to be clicked instead of paid ads. It gives a higher conversion rates also giving you better opportunities for business growth. This is one of the reasons why internet marketing companies in Pune and Mumbai favour SEO more than PPC.

Digitally Viral is the best name in the market when it comes to SEO services. We offer a wide range of services in different packages so that you can easily choose the one that fits your bill in the best way possible.

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